Display Cabinets, Stands and Tables

The first set of pieces were commissioned to house and display collections of treasured and valuable items. The second set of pieces developed from commissions to prominently display and call attention to valuable sculptures.

Chinese Display Stand

Display Stand for Carved Chinese Chest

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Commando Knife Display Cabinet

WWII Commando Knife Collection Display Cabinet

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Splayed Leg Display Table

Poplar Splayed Leg Display Table

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Walking Canes Display Case

Mahogany Display Case for Walking Canes Collection

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A display table is another way to effectively protect and display a collection.

Ash Display Coffee Tables

Ash "Display Case" Coffee Tables

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Like a fine picture frame, a well matched veneered display stand can bring added prominence and attention to any item, be it an "object d'art', family heirloom, treasured antique or other item. A smaller display stand can accentuate a piece on a desk or shelf, and a larger stand can help decorate a vestibule or empty room corner.

There are limitless combinations of wood color and figure, and display stand shape and size. Thus a display stand can be designed to complement almost any decorating style and highlight almost any object. As a carefully chosen frame presents and completes a beautiful painting, a well designed display stand embraces and enhances the item it presents.

The are limitless uses for display stands in the home and office: dramatize a noteworthy piece of art; share a treasured item of family history; showcase an award; elevate a specimen plant or spray of flowers; present a rare book; add color or whimsey; and on and on.

A baker's dozen of sample display stands are available to help families, businesses, decorators and designers find the perfect combination of veneer, size and shape. They are all available for loan within the general geographic area (a deposit may be requested), and cloth bags were made to protect them during transport.

The veneers used in the sample display stands represent a small fraction of those available generally. All of the veneer matching and inlays are made in the studio, and prototyping of designs are available upon request.

All of the joints in the display stands are mitered rather than rabbetted, so that there are no underlying seams that sometimes telegraph through the veneer. The miters are reinforced with splines for added strength. And the veneer is applied using the most modern two part veneer adhesive, rather than contact cement or even white or yellow glue, to eliminate adhesive failure that sometimes occurs with the latter glues.

The finishing sequence typically used is a hand-rubbed application of linseed oil followed by a padding of shellac, to bring out the figure and character of the wood in the veneer. This is followed by two or three coats of a durable clear waterborne acrylic varnish to protect the veneer. Other finishing schedules are available at the request of the customer.


Ensemble of Sample Display Stands

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Some of the Display Stand Profile Possibilities

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Some of the Display Stand Top Possibilities

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Art and  Heirloom

Displaying Sculptures, Other Art and Family Heirlooms

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Awards and Sports Collectibles

Displaying Awards and Sports Collectibles

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Displaying Flowers and Specimen Plants

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Vases, Crystal and Other Glassware

Displaying Vases, Crystal, and Other Glassware

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Displaying Dolls, Stuffed Bears and Other Fun Things

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Tapered Wenge

Closeup of the tapered rectangular wenge display stand

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Tapered Olive Ash Burl

Closeup of the tapered rectangular olive ash burl display stands

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