Display Stands - Profiles

Display stands do not have to be all the same profile and proportions. Most of the sample display stands in the collection have a square base, and many of them have a height equal to twice the length of one side of the base. There are a couple distinct exceptions to this general proportion, although they are not in the following picture. The walnut burl veneer display stand, seen on the "Ensemble" and "Award and Sports Collectibles" pages, has the proportions of a golden rectangle, as the height is approximately 1.64 times the length of the base. The quartersawn walnut veneer display stand, best seen on the "Sculpture, Other Art and Heirloom" page, has a height equal to three times the length of the base.

In the following picture are three display stands with a decidely non-rectangular profile. From left to right are a hexagonal display stand ( 13 7/8" diameter x 33" tall) not yet veneered, a tapered maple display stand (13" x 13" base, 10" x 10" top, 40" tall), and a tapered wenge display stand (22" x 15" base, 9" x 16" top, 33" tall). Detailed descriptions of the stands can be found on other Display Stands pages where the various stands are included.

As well as the color and figure of the veneer, the shape and dimensions of a stand can be designed to best match the size and proportions of the displayed object.

Display Stand Profiles