Needs Can Be Multifaceted

A need, such as for a dining table, seldom is one dimensional.  If it were, any horizontal platform would suffice.

Continuing the example, related kitchen dining table needs might be to blend with existing cabinetry or a favored furniture style, use a particular wood, be a particular color and hue, accomodate casserole dishes for those that cook from scratch or prefer longer meals, have extra space for two or three large boxes on family-and-frfiends pizza nights, and so on.

Noteworthy veneer combinations can result in a table that makes a lingering positive impression on invited guests.

For a family that emphasizes togetherness and life long bonds, a well built table that lasts for decades represents and kindles fond memories of time spent together, traditions and transitions.  Imagine sharing with friends and neighbors “I remember sitting at this table helping the kids with second grade homework, with college applications, and with wedding plans; yesterday I was feeding my grandchildren at this very same table.”

Furniture that serves a single need can be functional but remains an impersonal tool.  Furniture that answers a hierarchy of needs can make a dwelling a home and personalizes a room.