Mahogany Crotch With Satinwood Banding Hall Table Top

This table top and another table top were made from the same two sheets of mahogany crotch veneer. (A "crotch" occurs where a large branch meets the main trunk of a tree.) Crotch veneer typically is highly figured and can make very dramatic starbursts.

Two sheets of mahogany crotch veneer were ordered with the intention of making one small dining table top. When the sheets arrived, they had a discontinuity running down the center of the crotch, a bland area about one inch wide with almost no figure. After some study, it was decided to cut the sheets to remove this discontinuity, and make two hall or sofa table tops. The right side of the two sheets was used for this table, and the left side of the same two sheets was used for "another table top" linked at the beginning of the previous paragraph.

The center or field is a two piece bookmatch of the mahogany crotch veneer. Quartersawn satinwood veneer was added to this field as a crossgrain band. Solid mahogany was mitred and glued to the table core so the table top could have a molded edge. The final size of the top is about 52" by 16".

This table top was made for a local arts and crafts show to demonstrate starburst decorative veneering. An apron and base have not yet been made to complete the game table.

Mahogany Crotch Hall Table

Mahogany Crotch Hall Table