"Boat Top" Dining Table

This is a less common but elegant dining table design.

Boat Top Table

By curving in the sides of the table, people seated near the end can more easily look at and talk with people at the other end. The tradeoff is the decreased center-of-table room for casserole and other serving dishes.

The table is made entirely with quartersawn and riftsawn heart cherry. The straight grain is a much more formal and pleasing look than the arches and cathedrals of flatsawn lumber. Quartersawn and riftsawn lumber offer much greater seasonal stability. Finally, the straight grain allows much better matching when individual boards are joined, such as in the table top.

The side aprons are bent laminations of solid cherry to match the curve of the tabletop.

The other pictures of the table were lost, but the finish was a dark brown expresso, to be similar to the finish on the existing dining chairs and some other pieces in the room.

Construction details and pictures can be found using the "Project Journals" link on the "Portfolio" page.

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