Quilting Pin Cushion Spool Holder

Quilting Spool Holder

Keeping a number of spools of thread organized and ready to use can be a challenge. For people who sew quilts by hand, this can be especially frustrating. The thread color will be changed with the fabric color, but a particular thread may be needed tens or hundreds of times over the course of a large quilt. Keeping the threaded needle in the top of the thread spool doesn't work all that well.

These quilting spool holders have a pin cushion at the top of the center spindle, and small spindles around the circumference for eight different spools of thread. A length of thread can be pulled from the spool without removing it, and when the fabric color changes the threaded needle can be stored in the pin cushion above the corresponding spool until the next time that thread is needed. When a quilting session ends, the holder and spools can be easily and conveniently put away. And for quilting group members, taking your threads and needles to the next session couldn't be easier.

Three different designs have been made, but all are not always in inventory. In the above picture, the middle one is black walnut, and the other two are cherry. All are approximately 7" to 7 1/2" to the top of the pin cushion.

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