Turned "Cincinnati Trees" Wooden Pens

Turned 'Cincinnati Tree' Pens

The turned wooden pens in the above picture are representative of those on hand on any given day, depending on sales and new turnings. Often, pens are available in American elm, black cherry, and black walnut trees that grew here in Cincinnati.

Again depending on sales and new turnings, the styles are Slimline, Elegant American, and Cigar. Slimline takes a Cross style refill, Elegant American and Cigar take Parker style refills.

As these pens are intended to be suitable for every day use, the metal coatings are the longest lasting available, including platinum, black titanium, and titanium gold.

The quality of the turning is excellent, and each pen is carefully sanded to 320 grit. The finish is four or five coats of a durable, highly regarded water borne urethane.

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