Shaker Candlestand Reproduction

Shaker furniture in general has always been a personal favorite, and their candlestands especially so. This piece is a reproduction of one pictured in John Kassay's The Book of Shaker Furniture.

The first one attempted, for a family member, was the walnut stand on the left in the following picture. The curve of the feet was not wholly satisfying. So when a customer requested a candlestand for a wedding present, the foot was redesigned. The cherry candlestand on the right in the following picture is the result. (Unless otherwise noted, discussion and pictures below refer to this cherry reproduction.)

Shaker Candlestands

Of all the Shaker candlestand leg designs, this one seems the most graceful. The upper and lower leg curves flow into each other and into the rounded base of the column. The legs are fully dovetailed into the column for strength and authenticity.

Candlestand Base

To continue the spirit of the reproduction and strengthen the bottom of the column, a small brass plate is shaped and attached to the bottom of the legs.

Candlestand Bottom Brass Plate

The top of the cherry candlestand has a small lip to keep objects from falling off.

Candlestand Lipped Top

The top of the walnut candlestand is flat, with a gently tapered edge.

Candlestand Flat Top

To complete the reproduction, the top is attached to the column with a tapered and chamfered cleat.

Candlestand Cleat

For both pieces, the finishing process started with a thin coat of linseed oil to highlight the character of the wood. This was sealed with a coat of dewaxed shellac, and followed by three coats of clear water based acrylic finish.

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