Free Standing Sycamore Cabinet

A local non-profit tennis club was remodeling their facility, to evoke an atmosphere of the early 1920's when the club was founded. A free-standing cabinet was desired for the middle of the clubhouse's covered porch. Sign-in sheets would be on the cabinet top, and miscellaneous items would be stored on the interior shelf.

Quarter sawn sycamore was proposed for the cabinet, both for its dramatic appearance and low cost. A sketch with period details was submitted and approved.

Tennis Club Cabinet

An absolute minimum quantity of quartersawn sycamore was available, and re-supply doubtful, so there was no allowance for "oh-oh's". The beading around the cabinet frame, run by hand using a scratch beader, was made and applied after the frames were assembled.

The panel slats were sized to avoid narrow outer strips, and were ship lapped. A 2/16" rabbet on one side and a 3/16" rabbet on the other side produced a repeated shadow line.

A narrow hand-planed chamfer starts several inches below the top to soften the four vertical edges.

"Bird's mouth" shelf supports were used inside as a period detail and to add visual interest.

Sycamore Tennis Cabinet Interior

Finally, the breadboard top was pegged with shop-made square walnut pegs for an additional accent.

Sycamore Tennis Cabinet Top

This cabinet will always be a favorite.

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