Built-In Pine Bookcases

A family wanted a set of bookcases for their finished basement that would fit with the knotty pine doors and trim used throughout the room. Some storage was requested for games and toys, but the majority of the cases was to be open shelves.

Several sketches were made of different arrangements. The one selected consisted of four cabinets, each three feet wide. For visual interest, the depths of the cabinets were varied.

The flat components of the bookcases are knotty pine plywood. The frame, shelf supports and shelf fronts are knotty pine hand selected for figure and appearance.

Pine Bookcases

The two outer cases are entirely adjustable shelves, floor to ceiling. The front strip on each shelf was selected for "knotty pine character." The inner edge of the frame has a hand-made scratch bead to complement the rustic look of knotty pine.

Outer Sections

The two middle cases have doors in the lower section, and more adjustable shelving above the waist.

Inner Sections

The shelves rest on cleats, which fit into bird's mouth cutouts. These shelf supports limit the shelf spacing to 3" increments, but add interest and shadow lines, and further enhance the desired informality.

Birds Mouth Shelf Supports

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