Turned Boxes

Turned boxes can be made from kiln dried lumber or green wood. If the latter, blanks are "roughed out" with overly thick walls and then allowed to dry for months or longer. All of the turned boxes on this page are from kiln dried lumber.

The finish usually is linseed oil and beeswax for a more romantic feel and easy maintenance.

Ring Boxes

These boxes all are outfitted internally to serve as ring boxes. Uses might include presentation of engagement rings and protection of family heirloom rings. Of course, the lining can be removed and the boxes given other uses.

Jewelry Boxes

Theses boxes all have a bottom lining of thick felt and make wonderful containers for favored earings, small necklaces, and more.

Woods used for the ring and jewelry boxes include black walnut, cherry, maple, and sapelle. The particular designs and woods on hand will vary as new boxes are turned and existing boxes sold.

All turned boxes are in the range of about 2 1/2 to 3" in diameter and 2 1/2" to 4" in height.

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