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Custom furniture and gifts for those who love wood, craftsmanship and family, made the way America's artisan woodworkers once did by combining select hardwoods and fine veneers with best traditional woodworking practices.

  • "Blog" shares brief looks at varied topics that might be of interest for people who have been known to lovingly caress wood, open a drawer to look at the dovetails, and treasure family traditions and memories. RSS and email subscriptions are offered for your convenience.
  • "Project Journals" are construction diaries for a few completed pieces.
  • "Items For Sale" are a few pieces made "on spec" and available for sale.
  • "Woodworking Info" presents information I've found on best traditional practices for today's and tomorrow's woodworkers who value quality and longevity over quantity and production speed; it also offers information for protecting and maintaining wood furniture.
  • "Portfolio" is an organized collection of photos of previously made pieces.
  • "Design Guides" offer diagrams, suggestions, and recommendations for dining tables that were collected from a number of published books and articles, and (Shaker style) cabinet door layout styles generalized from books on Shaker furniture.

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are suggested for your convenience and can be scheduled for almost any time and day of the week.

In a room or house of production furniture, a handcrafted piece has special meaning because it was made by an individual rather than an assembly line, made to the highest standards, and designed to your personal style and needs.

  • Like a favorite sweater, a handcrafted nightstand or entry table is a dependable best friend that greets and reassures on good and bad days;
  • A handcrafted dining table is the setting for memorable holiday gatherings and the center of everday family life, and thus a magnet for memories of daily and holiday family life;
  • Like a perfect cup of hot chocolate, a handcrafted bed is a safe and peaceful refuge from everyday challenges;
  • A handcrafted game table brings together family and friends for warm conversation and camaderie;
  • A handcrafted linen press provides beauty and storage that transforms a house or condo into a home;
  • A handcrafted decoratively veneered accent table is a fresh dozen roses every day of the year.

For you and your children, a handcrafted piece is the repository of cherished family memories and becomes a treasured heirloom.


Mahogany Table

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Inlaid Veneer Gift Trays

Appointments are suggested for your convenience.